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A Website needs proper maintenance to survive in today's online marketplace, and most sites will need updates of one form or another. Prices change, new services are added, and content needs to be revised now and again. Regular SEO Maintenance including page titles, keyword phrases, web copywriting, and descriptive source code revisions are needed from time to time.

We recommend you add new content on a regular basis to ensure search engine robots continue to crawl your site. As soon as these robots access your hosting server, they know whether or not any of your existing files have changed or if you've added anything new lately, and if you consistently serve them the same old news, they simply quit crawling your site. After a while, your site begins to disappear in search engine results pages and your traffic will steadily decrease day by day. Performing routine maintenance will keep your site from stagnating and will keep visitors happy.

Website Maintenance and/or SEO Maintenance plans can be tailored to fit your needs and budget constraints. We can maintain your website at a reasonable monthly rate or you may choose to update your site on an "as needed" basis. Monthly maintenance contracts include quarterly statistical reports in easy to read format.

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