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Webmaster Resources

We update this page often. If you have a resource site you think would be beneficial to Internet marketers or Web designers, please email us the link. We'll be happy to add your site.

Coming Soon! Freelancer's Business Kit $49.95 -- The Freelancer's Business Kit is designed to give you a head start when preparing Proposals and Contracts for your clients. The kit contains everything you need for your website project -- from initial Consultation to site architecture and finishing Contracts.

Search Engine Resources:
Let's face it, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not rocket science. However, you'd never know it by the fees some companies command to optimize a site. $7500 for a 10 page web site to rank in the top 20! Good grief...For 75 hundred smacker-roonies, I better have the #1 spot! ;]

SEO is a tedious process and it does require a considerable amount of time, effort and creativity to do it well. But, considering its success factor to a Web site, and considering what some "experts" charge to optimize a site, it's well worth learning how to do it yourself. For a small static website, plan on at least 15 hours and a few hundred dollars to implement an initial SEO project -- more if you decide to also go the pay-per-click route.

The following sites offer a wealth of information regarding search engine optimization and  marketing. Good luck!

Search Engine Watch - Tips about Internet Search Engines and  Search Engine Submissions. If you can't find it here, it probably doesn't exist. This site is an excellent resource for newbies and do-it-yourselfers and advanced SEO'ers and Marketers. I'm not convinced you need to pay for a subscription, though, as most content available in the "Members Only" area can probably be found on another search engine news site, although sometimes it's  easier to pay for the convenience of information at your fingertips. - The Internet search toolbox. - SEO Tips & News - Choose from 3 news resources offered: Newsletter, Blog or Articles.

E-Marketing-News - Brings you the inside scoop on the search engine industry, including exclusive interviews with top search engine insiders.

Entire Web Express Inclusion - The Entireweb network provides over 100 Million searches per month, this includes sites such as Entireweb,,,, and several other search engines on the Internet. Now that we can no longer pay for express inclusions to Inktomi, FAST/AlltheWeb, and AskJeeves, we search for inexpensive ways to get our clients' sites crawled and indexed quickly. Entireweb provides inexpensive paid inclusions.

Newsletters and General Resources: is a newsletter and resource site for Webmasters with the best collection of software tools, general resources and expert articles available on the Web.

Web Hosting -
provides affordable reseller web hosting.

Miscellaneous Resources:

NoNags - Sick of spyware/malware when you test drive software? NoNags gives you the software without the worry. Small subscription fee.

Digital Photos How to - Tools and tips for better digital photos

Dreamweaver Shortcuts - Handy keyboard shortcuts if you use Dreamweaver software to create your websites

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