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SEO Tools

There are tons of websites containing SEO tools. Below are a few that have been around awhile, a couple that I've just run across.

Want to share your SEO tools with others? Send us the link.

Web CEO - Ultimate software suite for Web site promotion  - That's their claim, not mine. The program is fairly easy to use. It optimizes and submits. They have a free and paid version.

Search Engine Commando - This is an easy to use program and it creates reports on keywords, positions, ranking and such. You'll need the paid version if you want to generate reports that will impress your clients.

Wordtracker - I am not a fan of this website ever since my browser was hijacked when I accessed their site one time last year. I know it's not Wordtracker's fault, but I'm wary of going there just the same. I never did get it entirely straightened out, and my browser default search stills goes to some affiliate creep of Kanoodle's, even though I complained LOUDLY to Kanoodle. I don't use Kanoodle's search engine either. But many people love Wordtracker and use it often. If I want to query keywords, I'll use Google's or Overture's keyword tool.

Meta Tag Generator Tool - From SEO Chat

Page Rank Tool - From - I question the accuracy.

Link Popularity Tool - - Ditto.


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