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Content is king on the Internet. No two ways about it. And even though the Internet is graphic-rich, it is and will remain for the foreseeable future, a text-based medium. Information is what your website visitors want.

There is an art to writing copy for the Web. We approach it much differently than we would if we were writing for printed materials. For one thing, people don't like to read volumes of text on a monitor. It's too hard on the eyes. Too much copy results in long, scrollable pages, and Internet users don't like to scroll. We follow the old journalism rule of putting the most important information above the fold. On the Internet, this translates to the text that is viewable on your computer monitor, without having to scroll. Keep your website copy short and to the point. Important services should be bulleted or highlighted so visitors can quickly scan your page and find the information they want.

In addition to satisfying your customers, your web copy needs to satisfy the search engines. Search engines need copy to figure out what your web site is all about. They need it to determine the theme of your site so they'll know how to index it properly in their directories.

One of the first things we do when developing content for your site is to identify the keyword phrases that are important and relevant to your business. More importantly, we research and identify keyword phrases your visitors will think relevant and will use to find your site, and then integrate those phrases into the content of your pages. Developing your pages in this manner creates a natural copy flow. Forcing keywords into sentences to trick search engines will only alienate your visitors.

Let Treasure Coast Host critique your website's copy. Contact us for an in-depth analysis of your site, and we'll provide you with easy to implement suggestions to improve your site.

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