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Search Engine Optimization - Web Site Promotion

search engine optimization - keyword phrasesSearch Engine Optimization ( SEO ) is one of the most important aspects related to online marketing of your website. SEO is performed on the pages of your site and is a time consuming process done in a series of steps which are designed to elevate your site to higher rankings in search engine results pages across various search engines such as Google, Yahoo & MSN.

SEO requires a considerable amount of time and research, and a full understanding of Internet search engines and how they work. While no one company can guarantee the #1 position for websites, Treasure Coast Host has a 98% success rate of gaining first page listings for our clients and their chosen competitive keywords. (Depending on the particular search engine, first page listings usually translate into the top 10-20 results of a query.)

Search engine positioning and optimization have proven to be more effective than any other form of online marketing. In addition to targeting the right keywords, and along with link popularity, the way your web site is constructed will also play an important role in how it is indexed and ranked by search engines. Using the right techniques from the very beginning phases of site design can make the difference between being listed in the top 10 or the top 10 thousand of Internet search results.

Each search engine and directory uses a different formula for indexing and ranking your Web pages. This criteria is constantly changing. Treasure Coast Host monitors these ever-changing algorithims and adjusts your web page content and code to achieve and maintain first page positions.

Promoting your Web site is a critical part of its success. As new domains are indexed every day, there will always be position fluctuations in search engine results pages (SERPS). Contracting with us for SEO Maintenance means your site will maintain those coveted first page placements. We keep track of the search engines so you don't have to!

Treasure Coast Host offers several SEO packages, and since each website is unique in structure and content, SEO / SEM prices will vary but all are affordable. Should you prefer to do your SEO "in-house", we offer consultations and training to help you. Contact us for your SEO project estimate.

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